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A Little About Me (for those who are interested)

What does it look like?
What is it called? FallenSeraph
Known Aliases? Dave Taylor, Seraph, Archangel_Nine.
Where Does It Live? Royal Leamington Spa
What Does It Do? Writes Computer Games
How old is it? That would be telling. Oh, Ok. Its 22. happy now? :P
Dietary Habits? Sweet & Sour Chicken, Curries, Sweet things, Coffee, Mead, Jack Daniels, Doctor Pepper
Common Habitats? DM, D_K, Friday night goth shite (B'ham)
KrazyHouse, The Swan (Liverpool)
[TAINTED], In-Nomine List (Cyberspace)
Passtimes and distractions? Roleplay Games (In Nomine, Heavy Gear, Millenium's End), Capoeira , Cooking Curry, Reading, Enjoying Music, Sleeping.